How to join

Would you like to join us? 

If you would like to join our Rotary Club all you need to do is INVITE yourself.
That's it.  There's no secret password or need to wait to be invited. Send us an email or just turn up at a mtg - we're very informal.

The reason you want to join us will probably be a personal one and likely motivated by a desire to put something back into your local Aylesbury community, to gain a sense of fellowship whilst doing so, maybe you have a great idea for supporting the Carol Float - whatever it is, come and talk to us about it.

You can be sure that the enormous sense of achievement that you’ll experience helping your local community - and even communities around the world - will be matched only by the fun that you’ll have doing it! 

For more information contact us here.

The days of Rotary being only for men and retired ones at that - are long over! Women have been members of our club for 15-20 years and nearly half the members are women. More than half of our members are working professionals in the local community.

Our current members come from a variety of professions and interests: accountancy, education, business-owners, lawyers, management, public sector, technology, retail, management consultancy, doctors, dentists and others.  We have a mix of men and women and we also have some couples where both are members..

We are far less formal than many similar clubs and we aim to be family friendly in our meeting times and types of events.

We are aware than money is tight for many working professionals and families. As such, we have an annual subscription as low as we can go, and we have no other fees. We are also currently covering the Rotary International joining fee from our Club funds (time limited).
We do not believe you need to eat to be a Rotarian, so if and what you choose to eat at a meal is your choice - from a coffee through to a fancy steak - we don't mind. What we are interested in is your commitment to be a member active in community / charity work. 

We do scrub up for some events, getting out the posh frocks and black tie, but normally members come to meetings wearing what they feel comfortable in. Again, we are interested in activity, rather than imposing dress rules.

We are less focused on regular attendance than in helping members be actively involved in community / charity work. Some members run important community projects without attending many meetings. We try to keep mtgs to one hour from 6:30 - 7:30pm, though we find a beer before and after does happen sometimes... and usually there are only two "formal" meetings a month.

We meet in a pub, in the open, and whilst it is in a quiet corner the public can over hear what we say and how we behave. We have no secrets, and we are proud of the Rotary motto - "Service above Self".